Seducing Serena by Eve Vaughn
Rookery Cove
Changeling Press
ISBN: (13) 978-1-59596-432-8
Reviewed by Rosemary



Serena Thomas designs sex toys for her family’s business; she was in her workshop when her brother enters to announce that she had a visitor waiting in her office.  Upon arrival she discovers Maddox, a recruiter for Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs waiting with a very generous job offer, which Serena declines, but Maddox refuses to take no for an answer, and invites her to dinner.  At dinner, Serena meets Dalos who is the director of the sex toy division.  Serena is fascinated by both males; her secret fantasy is to have a ménage.

High elf Dalos and wood elf Maddox are lovers, but both men have dominant personalities, so they decided they needed a third to join their relationship, both males are instantly aroused by Serena.  Dalos and Maddox spend a week in ecstasy with Serena before they finally persuade her to join them at Rookery Cove.

Seducing Serena is a saga characterized by nights spent in rapture and love emergent between the human Serena and her two elves.  Eve Vaughn gives her inventive adaptation of sexy individuals and steamy love scenes for this series, and the story is very enjoyable.


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