Saving Sophie by Roxanne Wells
Dark Eden Press
Genre: Paranormal
Reviewed by Gracie



Sophie Morrison is having the worst day of her life.   Her fiancée has just dumped her in, of all places, Las Vegas.  Sophie hates Las Vegas.

Jesse Franklin thinks life is pretty good.  He has just started a new career as a cab driver, he has a new cab, and if it were not for his ex-girlfriend, who left him for another woman and the Cab Cutter, life would be great.

Jesse picks up a beautiful passenger who smells amazing and bursts into tears as she declares she hates Las Vegas.  Jesse tries to cheer Sophie up and he finds out how bad a day she is having.  He cannot believe her loser fiancée because Sophie seems really great.  As Sophie gets out of the cab, she slips Jesse a note while another passenger gets in.  Jesse’s life is about to be altered forever because his new passenger is the Cab Cutter.  Jesse notices how strange his passenger is and the next thing he knows he has been shot and left for dead, in a coma, while the Cab Cutter steals his cab and goes after Sophie.  A chance encounter between two strangers will alter their lives forever.  Will Jesse and Sophie survive to explore the connection they so obviously share?

Saving Sophie was a moderately interesting story.  Sophie is a nice girl who has come to Las Vegas to see her dreams fulfilled only to have them crushed by the man she thought she loved.  Jesse is a solid man who is just looking for a way to turn his life around.  I had a hard time connecting with the characters and I was not invested in their lives.  Saving Sophie had a lot of potential, but it just did not keep me completely engaged.


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