Rock Bottom by Julia Talbot
The Ten of Swords
Torquere Press
Contemporary Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60370-085-6, 1-60370-085-4
Reviewed by Sabella



Mitch has always been kind of a free spirit – after all he can afford it when he has Gus as a safety net.  This time, however, when Mitch loses the latest job in a string on failed jobs, Gus says enough.  Now, Mitch is jobless, homeless and baffled by Gus’ attitude.  But when Mitch faces a life threatening situation it makes him realize why Gus got tired of Mitch’s attitude and what he needs to do to fix it.  Will Mitch be able to prove to Gus that he is a changed man – a man worth the risk?

Rock Bottom is an entertaining story about love sometimes not being enough – about the reality that for a relationship to work both partners need to work at it.  Mitch is an embodiment of that care free entertaining guy we have all met – who just seems to drift through life on good cheer and the support of friends.  It was rewarding to see Mitch grow up and become the man he needed to be in order to win Gus back.  These two are hot together and in the end they will leave a smile on your face.  Rock Bottom is a fun but emotional read that’s perfect for a day when you are looking for a little emotional struggle amid the steamy sex and romance.


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