Passion’s Four Towers by Dee Brice
Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Historical Fantasy
ISBN: 9781419909283
Reviewed by Gracie



Yvonne, Willa, and Pippa are the princesses of Marchonland and they love their kingdom more than anything.  Their futures are in jeopardy!  Their aunt Aida and her long time lover, Gaspar, are planning a tournament to find the three woman husbands at the request of their dead mother, Kerrie.

Five noble men are competing for a chance to win the beautiful princesses.  Gareth, Vinn, Banan, Edgar, and Gerard all have their individual reasons to vie for the women…their beauty and the exact stipulation of the Queen are definitely bonuses.

Yvonne, Willa, and Pippa each have skills that are unique and help to keep their lands prosperous and safe.  Yvonne is fierce and a true warrior; Willa is gentle and keeps their lands productive and fertile; and Pippa is strong and has a way with the fine horses they breed.  The women cannot believe the stipulation that their mother included: the women not only have to marry but they have to be seduced by the men they choose.  None of the women want to marry as their mother married three times and each ended in death…for the husband.  Gareth, Edgar, and Gerard are working to win Yvonne’s hand even though Gareth did not have to compete in the tournament and he has some very important information that he is not telling.  Vinn and Banan won the tournament and they are vying for Willa’s hand or so they believe.  Aida and Gaspar have had their hands full raising the girls after Kerrie’s death and they only want the best matches for their girls.  They will find them good mates even if they have to stretch the truth a bit to everyone including the princesses.  Will true love be found or is this just a disaster in the making?

Passion’s Four Towers is fun, sexy, and just a very enjoyable read!  Yvonne, Willa, and Pippa are three women who will do anything to keep their lands safe, in their hands, and to avoid the horror of marriage.  Each one of the men trying to gain the ladies favor is sexy, appealing, and irresistible.  I loved seeing these couples interact and I was rooting for each one of them to find their true loves.  Dee Brice writes very sexy and fun stories and characters.  Passion’s Four Towers was plain and simply…a very good time!


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