One Day at a Time by Lyric James
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-067-4
Reviewed by Georgia



Losing a bet was never so rewarding!  Although not thrilled to have to pose naked for his buddy’s art class, attorney Xavier Sparks is thrilled when he sees one of the sexy students.  She’s gorgeous and he can’t help but notice her. Yet, she runs before he can introduce himself.

Kelley Matthews is mortified when she sees the gorgeous hunk of man posing for her art class.  She knows he can tell she’s not an art major from her blushes, so when he approaches her after class, she runs assuming she’ll never see him again.  Yet, several days later on a job interview, she comes face to face with Xavier Sparks…the sex god from art class.

As the most qualified, Kelley is hired, but Xavier knows he has to take things One Day At A Time if he wants to convince her that they can have more than a working relationship.

One Day At A Time is a quick, hot read that will have you laughing out loud as you watch the antics of these two.  Although their first meeting is not exactly normal and both have mixed feelings at their next meeting, it’s soon apparent to everyone that these two are meant to be together.  Their journey of discovery is fun as well as hot.  Enjoy yourself as these two work through their feelings and find what they’ve always dreamed of.


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