Of the Moon by Viva Anna
Draconian Legends, Book 1
Samhain Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-371-0
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Can a couple’s love from two different worlds stand the test of time?

Draconians were know to be a ruthless, cruel and very domineering race.  Because of their super-human strength and continuous thirst for blood, they overpowered and enslaved the humans.  Although Sorin de cu Luna was a Draconian master warlord, he did not share all of their cold-hearted customs.  As a matter of fact, he secretly preferred to live in harmony with the humans.  And, now, it seems as if his secret is about to come to light.

While attending a Draconian Overlord’s wedding, Sorin instantly falls deeply for Alexandreina de cu Soare, a human female slave of the Overlord.  Instead of forcefully teaching her of the Draconian ways, all Sorin wants to do is cherish her luscious body and free her from her enslavement in the Overlord’s castle.

From the beginning, I knew this relationship was going to be a very difficult one because of numerous odds that were stacked against Sorin and Alexandreina.  As soon as they were able to overcome one obstacle a new one popped up that was even more problematical than its predesessor.  The countless twists and turns within this intriguing plot made Of the Moon a very enticing, fantastic read.  I found both Alexandreina and Sorin to be strong, caring characters that were willing to go the extra mile, even with the many potential deadly threats knocking at their door.  I applaud Viva Anna for creating such a wonderful, tantalizing world and I eagerly look forward to future installments in the Draconian Legends.


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