Mating Flight by Shay Lacy
New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Futuristic
ISBN: 978-1-58608-896-5
Reviewed by Gracie



Sheleigh O’Brien is an anthropologist for Unified Sentient Planets.  USP tries to bring equality and protection to all the planets that choose to be a part of their organization.  She is passionate about her work and just wants to help the people of Avera.  During her research, she has gotten quite friendly with the ruler’s son, Kleet.

Kleet Kryszan is the eldest son of the ruler of Avera and one day he will rule.  Kleet feels that he has to keep Avera’s secrets safe and not let the outside world know what makes them so special.  He has been fascinated with Sheleigh since her arrival.  He finally convinces her to go out with him and he has something very special planned.  It will change everything for them.

Sheleigh cannot believe how attracted she is to Kleet.  She has never felt this way before and she is even more shocked by the consequences of this attraction.  Kleet mates with Sheleigh on their night together and claims her as his life mate.  He feels instant love for Sheleigh, but she is struggling with her feelings and how quickly and drastically everything has changed.  Unrest and rebellion are plaguing Avera and one act changes everything for Kleet and Sheleigh.  Will their fledgling love be enough to overcome the challenges that not only they face but also the entire planet?

Mating Flight was a touching and emotional story.  Sheleigh is a woman who believes strongly in her convictions and she wants to see peace and equality come to Avera.  Kleet is strong and feels he must protect his planet and his people at all costs even if it means keeping his and his people’s secrets.  Shay Lacy writes with feeling and I was rooting for Kleet and Sheleigh to find a balance to their relationship and the world around them.  I struggled with Mating Flight in the beginning, but I am glad that I stayed with it.


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