Kiss of Blarney by Penelope Marzec
New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-58608-822-X
Reviewed by Gracie



Shay Devlin is descended from Irish kings…or so his father always told him.  Shay is perfectly content to be a “normal” guy who owns a business making chimneys.   He is frustrated with all the snow as it will seriously impact his business.  Shay is about to leave the pub when a beautiful crazy lady comes in.

Ula really is not crazy, she is just an Irish princess on a mission.  She needs to save Meara, the woman who raised her, from the evil Balor.  Ula has the ability to make people do what she wants for short periods of time.  This seems to work on everyone but Shay and she needs his help the most. 

Ula weaves a spell over several of the men in the pub.  As the affects of her magic wear off, she is faced with a roomful of angry men.  Shay cannot believe this woman has caused all this commotion, he is not even sure how she did it but he cannot leave her to deal with it.  Once he saves her, Shay does not know what to do with Ula.  He reluctantly takes Ula home and tries to convince himself that he is not really attracted to her—he is pretty certain that she is a bit crazy.

Ula needs Shay’s help to save Meara, but he seems unwilling to help.  Shay and Ula are drawn to each other, but Ula has been told all her life exactly what her destiny is and Shay is not it.  He lets Ula spend the night and after that things just a take a turn for the stranger.  Will Ula be able to save Meara?  And what will come of the growing attraction between Shay and herself?

Kiss of Blarney was an interesting read.  Penelope Marzec gives us a little bit of everything…fun, romance, and an evil to slay.  I enjoyed the chemistry between Shay and Ula and it was especially interesting as Shay was not ever really sure about Ula’s sanity.  Kiss of Blarney was an interesting way to spend a few hours.


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