Instructing Sarah by Anne Rainey
Forbidden Publications
Erotic Contemporary
Reviewed by Jo



Greg Stiles has been craving and lusting over his neighbor, Sarah Templeton, ever since he first saw her.  However, Greg is trying to be a good boy by not jumping Sarah, even if he does believe she is temptation with his name written all over her.  That all changes when Greg sees the new neighbor eyeing Sarah like she could be his. 

Sarah has never slept with a man before and has always dreamed of marriage, kids and even the white picket fence.  However, Sarah has all but given up her dream and now would just love to jump her neighbor Greg.  One unexpected date leads to a night of explosive sex.  When morning comes who will have their dream or will they both have discovered their dreams in each other?

Instructing Sarah is both sweet and erotic without being too much of either.  Sarah is still a virgin who is ready to give up her dream of happy ever after.  Greg has lusted after Sarah since he met her but Greg does not believe he is the happy ever after type.  Watching them go full circle was hot and erotic but it still kept the sweet love story aspects throughout.  I found Instructing Sarah to be the perfect book to fill that afternoon or evening with a spicy touch.


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