I Want by Adrianna Dane
Amber Heat
Fantasy / Menage / FMF
ISBN 10-1-59279-637-0
Reviewed by Rosemary



Antoinette Travis thought she knew what she wanted, money and power.  Angry at losing the job that would have given her that, Antoinette stalks out of the office and heads for the closest bar.  Mercury is a bartender who asks Antoinette what she wants, and she realizes she doesn’t know.  The next thing Antoinette knows, she is on a tropical Island.  There she is offered the opportunity to redefine what she wants and truly needs. 

I Want is a very sensual journey of discovery.  Antoinette is a woman who has repressed her passionate nature, after being in a controlling relationship while in college.  Her cold and unfeeling attitude is the obstacle to her promotions at work.  Mercury is a half demon who whisks Antoinette to his Island and teaches her all about pleasure.  Antoinette learns what she really wants is to give and receive passion.  Adrianna Dane turns up the heat with I Want and delivers a hot fantasy.  I Want is an excellent read.


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