How Wicked Can She Go? By J. Morgan
Wicked, Book 1
Dark Eden Press
Genre: Paranormal
Reviewed by Gracie



Nikki Smyth-Ponthynhausen is a witch, a wicked witch.  Okay, letís be honest she is not as wicked as people, namely head witch Melina and her mom, would like her to be.  Melina has decided that Nikki is going to need to prove her wickedness and sends her Gregory.

Gregory Hamilton is a computer programmer who just wants to find true love.  He is more comfortable with computers than woman and decides to enlist the help of a witch.

Nikki needs to prove that she is truly wicked, so that she can continue to live the life she is used to.  She is not concerned about dealing with Gregory until she meets him and cannot get him out of her mind.  He seems clueless, but Nikkiís magic seems to be helping him reach his goal of finding true love.  Will Nikki be wicked enough to ruin love for Gregory or will true love conquer all?

How Wicked Can She Go? is plain and simply, fun. It had me chuckling through several spots.  Nikki tells her story with an edge of humor and quite a bit of self examination.  Gregory knows that he wants love, but he is not sure how or what he can trust especially since Nikki is a witch.  How Wicked Can She Go? is an amusing and enjoyable read.  I will definitely be reading more of this series and more of J. Morgan!


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