Heat of the Night by Sylvia Day
Dream Guardians Series, Book 2
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-123103-2
Reviewed by Annmarie



In Connor’s world, Twilight, a rebellion is underway and Connor is the leader.  In order to give his best friend, Aidan, critical information, Connor must embark on a mission that will change his life forever.  Connor must leave Twilight forever and journey to the mortal realm.

With her son spending the weekend with his deadbeat dad, house-sitting for her boss seemed like a good way for Stacey Daniels to take her mind off her empty home.  But Stacey finds the change of scenery doesn’t help much…until a man shows up at the door claiming to be a friend of Aidan’s.  Stacey is immediately attracted to the giant warrior but senses all is not what it seems with him.  With an evil foe to defeat, Stacey must trust Connor with more than her heart.  She must trust him with her life.

Sylvia Day is a red-hot enchantress.  What else can explain the blistering hot, deeply erotic romance of the Dream Guardian series?  Heat of the Night left me in a puddle of goo. 

Sylvia Day’s Guardians are deliciously spicy, especially the intensely sexual Connor.  Love the paranormal world!  Love the characters!  Love the sizzling romance!  Love Heat of the Night!  Love Sylvia Day!


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