Fierce Competition by Michelle M. Pillow
Virgin CHEEK
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0352341242
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Jane Williams couldnít ask for a better life.  She has a wonderful job as a social coordinator to a top-notch, well-known company; her two best friends are also her roommates and she has a sexy attorney boyfriend by the name of Dean Billings, whose father just happens to be a Senator.  Who could ask for anything more?  Everything was perfect until Janeís nemesis uncovers her most embarrassing secret and sets out to ruin Janeís happiness by exposing it to Dean - which in turn causes major havoc between Jane and Dean.  Determined to seek vengeance, Jane turns the table against her rival. 

Readers, you are in for a triple treat with Fierce Competition because the secondary characterís (Janeís two roommates) relationships are just as important and vital to this plot as Jane and Deanís story.  Each romance was a unique, unexpected, easy-flowing experience.  I was never confused nor did I lose sight of Jane and Dean as the main couple within Fierce Competition.  As expected, Jane and Deanís romantic rapport was the most complicated.  There were times where I wanted to band their heads together and ask if they understood the meaning of communication.  Ugh!  But, hey, I know that drama is the best ingredient in crafting a sizzling storyline.  Overall, I enjoyed reading Fierce Competition.


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