Feral Magnetism by Lacey Savage
Feral Heat, Book 1
Changeling Press
Erotic Paranormal - Ménage, Gay/Bisexual, Werewolves
ISBN: 978-1-59596-409-0
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Twenty-nine days.  That’s all the time J.C. Hill has to select his queen mate or one will be chosen for him by his pack elders.  As the alpha werewolf pack leader of the Zantean clan J.C. carries many great responsibilities and the time has come for him to find his mate to rule by his side.  Unfortunately, J.C. has no desire to take a mate. That is until he meets Eve, a human woman.

Somehow, Eve Benning allowed her best friend to talk her into going to Hard Delights, an adult amusement park, so she could confront her soon-to-be ex-lover.  When Eve heard a sound, thinking it was her best friend, she hurriedly ran into to the park to searching for her.  Before she could locate her friend, Eve walked in on two men engaging in a hot sexual act.  Instead of running in the opposite direction, Eve found herself instantly and lustfully drawn to their powerful magnetism, especially the dark, tall and handsome one known as J.C. 

From start to finish, Feral Magnetism was swarming with one naughty, wickedly-hot sexual encounter after another, whether it was a twosome or threesome.  Boy oh boy!  I was consumed with orgasmic desire.  I must caution that when you dive into Lacey Savage’s Feral Magnetism you better turn up your air conditioner because this steamy hot number will without a doubt heat you up.  In addition to the oh-so luscious, sensual sexual acts, Feral Magnetism also contains an exciting and suspenseful plot that will keep you glued to the edge of your seat as the story unfolds.


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