England by Julia Talbot
Come and Take It, Book 1
Torquere Press
Gay Historical (M/M)
ISBN: 976-1-60370-093-1; 1-60370-094-3
Reviewed by Sabella



Leland August is in London working for the Legation of the Texas Republic but for the life of him he canít understand all the rules these English men live by.  Still, as excited, as Leland was to come to England he is more than ready to go home to Texas when the Legationís business is concluded.  When he stumbles into Ford Mayhew they almost duel over the insult Ė but they soon discover there are more interesting things that they would rather do together.  However, when Fordís bossís machinations threaten their relationship will they let their tempers or their hearts rule?

England is a wonderfully engaging story that will leave you panting for the next installment.  Leland and Ford are charming and witty men that will pull you into their story from their first encounter.  But when they come together they will be flushed with passion and reliving the sense of discovery of a new relationship.  England is the perfect reading material for a day off!


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