End of the Line by Sean Michael
Single Shot
Torquere Press
Contemporary/Cowboy Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60370-042-9; 1-60370-042-0
Reviewed by Sabella



Since retiring from the military Sam has been wandering the country looking for a good place to settle down where he can live in peace and his knees won’t bother him.  The last thing he expects when he goes looking for a job at a feed store in the middle of no-where Texas is to find what he is looking for plus something he hadn’t dared hope for – companionship.

Chance is pretty happy with his life, even if he hasn’t been able to do some things he always wanted to – like fly planes or drive trucks.  Still, his life is pretty good managing the feed store and running his little farm full of critters that love him.  When Sam lands on his lap Chance is afraid to hope that Sam “plays for the same team” and would be interested in him.  He can always dream, right?

End of the Line is a sweet and steamy romance about finding love in unexpected places.  Both Sam and Chance have lived long enough to know that you grab a good thing with both hands when it presents itself.  It was touching to see these two men slowly dance around the subject that they are both gay as they are both afraid of rejection. When they finally do come together it will melt your screen and pull at your heartstrings.  End of the Line is a wonderful romance for a day you want something sweet and erotic.


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