Elven Escapades by Willa Okati
Elven, Book 3
Changeling Press
Ménage, Gay/Bisexual, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures
ISBN: 978-1-59596-728-2
Reviewed by Jo



Sergeant Elizabeth Hawkins loves a playful hunt and chase.  When both her best friends disappeared with no word, Elizabeth waited for years to hear something.  One morning a knock on her door gives her much more than word of her two friends.  Killian is an Elf who was sent to let Elizabeth know what happened and to introduce her to a world she never imagined existed.

Elizabeth has now left the force and has spent a long time hunting for Killian.  When she finally locates him and his new act, Elizabeth is surprised to see that a new person has been added to the game, Roan.  Their erotic show gets Elizabeth hot and heavy with need, however she knows how this evening will end.  Killian and Roan have been waiting for Elizabeth to catch up with them, now they plan on letting her join them in their most erotic play. 

Elven Escapades is a fun and erotic romp from beginning to end.  Elizabeth spends two years worrying over her two best friends, when they send word to her that they are okay she is given the best messenger possible.  Killian, like all Elves, has looked for his missing part for many years, when Elizabeth opens the door the games just begin.  Little do they both realize that one person is missing from the equation.   Elizabeth, Killian and Roan absolutely steam off the pages with their erotic game of chase and catch.  Elven Escapades is correctly named and a story I am so glad that I didn’t miss.  If you are looking for a fun and sexy way to spend a few hours, then Elven Escapades is a must read for you.


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