Elementum by Toni L. Meilleur
eXtasy Books
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1-55410-994-9
Reviewed by Gracie



Silver Ainsley is a linguist. There has never been a language that she could not understand.  Silver feels a pull to decipher the Voynich Manuscript; she knows she will be able to figure it out even if no-one else ever has.  Little does Silver know the consequences and events that will transpire as she “borrows” the manuscript.

Quaede is a Sidhe warrior and he cannot believe when he senses the Elementum and tracks it to a beautiful woman who seems willing to defend it at all costs.  He has no other choice but to take both the Elementum and Silver as he feels evil coming for it.

Silver cannot believe when the gorgeous man with the amazing blue eyes breaks into her apartment and demands the manuscript.  Things just get worse from there. She finds herself abducted by the man, whisked out of her apartment, and watches as her best friend is attacked by things that should not exist.  Silver and Quaede team up to try and stop the evil forces from getting the Elementum and altering the world as they know it.  Can Silver and Quaede form a relationship based on love when the Sidhe cannot seem to find lasting love?

Elementum was an interesting read.  Silver is a woman who will go after what she wants even if she must break a few rules.  Quaede is a loyal warrior and he knows what his mission is.  Silver and Quaede go on quite an adventure to keep the balance that the world knows.  They have some very sexy escapades along the way.  While I enjoyed Elementum, I was not fully invested in the main characters. Toni L. Meilleur knows how to write an adventure filled story with some very interesting characters.  I will definitely try more by Toni L. Meilleur.


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