Earthly Possession by Erin Aislinn
Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Paranormal
ISBN: 9781419908873
Reviewed by Gracie



Kheyra Baal has escaped from her planet, Dattar, to experience a life she can never live on her planet.  On Dattar, all the females are not only vampires, but dominant and the males are there to serve.  Kheyra wants to experience a strong dominant man who is in charge before she has to marry.

Deacon Quincy is a sexy male vampire who has a large territory in Los Angeles.  Deacon cannot believe the female vampire who has the nerve to poach on his territory and she does not even have the sense to erase the memories of the men she is feeding off of.  Deacon has always known…you cannot trust a female vampire!

Kheyra’s time on Earth is running out and she knows that someone will be coming for her soon and hopefully it will not be Morna.  Kheyra is not finding what she came for until the sexy man—no, make that vampire—threatens her and tells her to get out of his territory.  Kheyra cannot believe she has just met a vampire from Earth, she thought they did not exist.  The vampire is EXACTLY what she has been looking for.  

Deacon is instantly attracted to Kheyra and cannot get her out of his mind.  Deacon knows that she is not to be trusted, but he wants her and maybe having her will get this nonsense out of his system.  Kheyra and Deacon’s feelings are growing stronger, but they both know they do not have a future together.  Will their past ruin any chance they have for a happily ever after?

Earthly Possession was very different than what I expected and I liked it.  Kheyra just wants a chance to explore the person that she knows she really is.  Deacon is all man, or vampire, as the case may be, and he is perfectly content with his life.  The encounters between Kheyra and Deacon are passionate and very hot!  Earthly Possession is an enjoyable read and I will be keeping an eye out for more by Erin Aislinn.


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