Desirable Enemy by Kelsey Lewis
Amber Heat
Science Fiction
ISBN 1-59279-511-0
Reviewed by Rosemary



Rajan Benzaan, an Ajinda prince, crash lands his flyer and Linnea Jorgensdatter, a Nor’euro healer, is forced to help him.  After their first meeting, Rajan and Linnea develop a mutual desire for each other.  But, they are political enemies, and struggle to over come their differences. 

Desirable Enemy is about love and the clashes of customs.  Kelsey Lewis illustrated how love can change enemies into lovers, Rajan is determined to stop the fighting and killing.  He wants Linnea, and is willing to compromise to have her.  Linnea fears that being with Rajan will cause more strife among the people.  Desirable Enemy is a creative Sci-Fi read.


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