Deadly Desire by Marilyn Parrish
Amira Press
Mystery/Suspense Romance
ISBN: 978-0-9789935-7-3
Reviewed by Nellie



Leah’s life has been going downhill for a while, a fiancé, Kyle, who disappeared without a word, the death of her mother who she was close to and finally a stalker who was tormenting her is finally jailed. She was due for some luck and it came in the form of Vince. When things start to look up, another stalker is on her tail but this time she has Vince or does she?

A well-orchestrated meeting helps Vince worm his way into Leah’s life. All his plans never included falling for Leah. When Leah finds out his secret she adds Vince to her list of suspects, which includes Arnold the Florist and Erik the good neighbor.

In Deadly Desire I thought the storyline was very weak and unconvincing. The main reason given for Leah’s fiancé disappearance was because he realized that he was uncomfortable in an interracial relationship. Hello, didn't he notice that before he asked her to marry her? The main storyline was based on these insecurities, which to me lacked conviction. Despite the lack, I liked the exploration of the different characters leading up to the unveiling of the psycho. It kept me guessing but was so slow with small sparks of life that it did not hold much interest to me. 


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