Dare to Dominate by Claire Thompson
Elloraís Cave
Erotic BDSM
ISBN: 9781419910586
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Jonathan Goldman is in Munich to oversee negotiations for his company.  Having been fascinated by the BDSM lifestyle, although secretly, he loves to go to underground clubs just to watch the participants of this type of lifestyle.  Yearning to experience and expound on his craving to dominant a lover, Jonathan canít get past the way his mother raised him.  Wanting nothing more than to tie down a lover and take complete control, Jonathan thinks these dreams are just that - dreams.  Figuring he might as well get over himself, he leaves the club, not realizing that he is being followed by the one woman that just might make him see his fantasies become a reality.

Laurel Jordan knows a Dom when she sees one.  Sitting with friends, she notices the gorgeous blond man sitting by himself.  Deciding that she canít just let him leave without meeting him, she follows him out of the club and proceeds to stop him under the guise of retrieving his lost scarf.  The man sees the ploy for what it is and when he invites her for a drink at his hotel room, Laurel does not hesitate to join him. 

Laurel and Jonathan spend a sizzling night together.  Laurelís yearning to be dominated is only surpassed by Jonathanís desire to dominate her.  Their time soon comes to an end when reality sets in and they have to return home.  Exchanging numbers, Laurel doesnít let herself hope that Jonathan will call.  They never do, and if she doesnít expect it then she wonít be hurt.

Dare to Dominate was truly an emotional read that packed a powerful punch.  Often pushing my buttons, I at times wanted to stop reading but could not. I had to know what was going to happen. I had to know if Jonathan became the man that I hoped he would become.  I got my wishes tenfold.  He was dominating, virile, and more often than not, very hardcore.  He made me shiver more than once.  Laurelís characterization enlightened me.  Fully expecting the typical Ďsubí mentality so often in BDSM books, I was pleasantly surprised to find her very strong, very opinionated, but very much of a mind to give her Dom control. 

Lovers of the BDSM wonít want to miss such a mesmerizing and seductive look at the lifestyle of D/s.  I frankly engulfed the entire novel in one sitting and then had to go back and read it again.  Go ahead and read it - I dare you. 


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