Currents by Mechele Armstrong
Blood Lines Prequel
Loose Id
LGBT Vampire Paranormal
ISBN: 0978-1-59632-453-4
Reviewed by Jo



Henri is a older vampire headed to a friendís house after learning that she is very ill and soon to pass away.  Planning on helping anyway in his ability, Henri leaves his comfortable home in the city and travels to a small village.  When he gets to the house he believes belongs to his dying friend, Henri finds a blacksmith.  A half-naked blacksmith, who seems to belong at the house, currently making something.

Nathan is carefree, sexy and impulsive and to Henriís amazement he is also the son of his dying friend.  Nathan has always been able to live the way he wanted until recently at the request of his mother.  While unaware of the true reason for the request, Nathan tries to reign himself in.  When Nathan first meets Henri, he is immediately attracted to the quietly good-looking man.  Nathan is unsure why his mother has called for Henri and is really not sure if Henri will accept or resent his passion. 

Henri finds out that another old vampire named Bellario has discovered Nathanís ability to siphon powers.  Bellario wants Nathan and those powers all to himself.  Henri recently lost a student and now he wonít break his promise to Nathanís mother to keep him safe.  Nathan and Henri try to ignore the lightning between them, but at the same time actions are being put into place to destroy all that Nathan holds dear.  When a mod forces Nathan and Henri to run, will Henri be able to keep his promise or will Bellario succeed in getting Nathan under his control?

I have been waiting for Nathan and Henriís story since I read the first Blood Lines book.  Currents did not disappoint and was well worth waiting for.  The love and passion that Nathan and Henri have shown in all the books was there from the very beginning.  The battles that they faced to get their forever could have destroyed them both if not for the love and immediate understanding between them.  I connected with both Nathan and Henri from the beginning and Currents just reinforced why.  While the amount and force of tension is a bit different from previous Blood Lines books, I enjoyed the pace and all the emotions from start to finish.  For anyone who loves the Blood Lines books, you absolutely wonít want to miss the story of Nathan and Henri.  If you havenít yet tried the Blood Lines books (gasp) then here is the very beginning for you.  For me, Currents was a must read, Iím guessing it will be for others too.


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