Change of Plans by Dee Lloyd
Amber Quill Press
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-59279-484-X (Electronic)
ISBN: 1-59279-819-5 (Paperback)
Reviewed by Jo



Mike Garson, a senior partner of Garson Construction International, is on what should be his honeymoon cruise.  However, just before he came home from Africa for the wedding his fiancée eloped with her boss.  Mike considers it a narrow miss but it has left him totally disillusioned with love.  Mike decides he is going to go on the cruise anyway and find a woman to spend the week with - a no strings attached fling.  He sees a blond in the waiting room that might just be the perfect partner.

Lawyer Sara Tolberg is taking the cruise to decide if she is going to accept a marriage proposal or not. She is also going to take care of some business for her father at one of the stops.  Even before Sara makes it on to the cruise ship things are beginning to happen.  That is just the beginning of the strangeness that seems to follow her.

Mike spies Sara getting what looks like a romantic kiss in the waiting room.  Sara knows that the kiss is not as it appears – her maybe-fiancée is going overboard.  She just wants to get on the ship.  Suspicious activity brings Mike and Sara together and the attraction keeps them together.  Neither are looking to fall in love, but sometimes fate doesn’t care what you intend.

Change of Plans has a great undertow of suspense that keeps in step with the romance.  Mike and Sara have no plans for a shipboard romance as one was angry from a failed romance and the other has never discovered what true love is.  Both try to protect the other from a broken heart until it’s too late and they realize that they have fallen in love.  I found that the level of suspense was just right to keep me turning the pages to see what would happen next.  Change of Plans reminds us that just because the cruise is over and you have to leave the ship it does not mean the romance has to end.


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