Chain of Three by Willa Okati
All Wrapped Up Volume 2
Changeling Press
Sci-fi, Paranormal, BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-59596-726-8
Reviewed by Erys



Dane and Julian are both war heroes and members of Her Elite Corps.  Since they are no longer able to defend the country, they now have the honor of serving their Empress.

While Julian loves being a Corpsman and the freedom of being retired, Dane hates it.  Dane misses the fighting and the orders, both giving and receiving. He’s refused all the comforts the Empress has offered him because he is determined to live as if he were still a soldier.  Julian embraces the pleasures and delights in tormenting Dane.

The Empress houses Julian and Dane together.  Not only are they two of her favorites, but they argue and fight all the time.  If the two would stop coming to blows and start kissing, she’s sure everything would work out, and then things could get back to business.

Chain of Three is a read that will keep you guessing until the end.  Sparks really fly between Dane and Julian, and I had a hard time wondering which man would reign supreme.  Ms. Willa Okati couldn’t have paired two more contrary yet meant to be characters than these.


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