Captain Sinister's Lady by Darlene Marshall
Amber Quill Press
Historical Romance
ISBN: 1-59279-500-5
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Recently widowed, Amanda Stephenson travels across the seas to America from Yarkshire with high hopes of beginning a new life with her deceased husbandís relatives.  Amanda plans on supporting herself financially through selling self-made soaps and creams by using recipes that were passed down through the generations in her family.  All is going well until the ship that Amanda is traveling on suffers a major, irreparable damage out in the middle of the sea.  And, if that wasnít enough to deal with, an injury places Amanda aboard the ship of the notorious pirate known as Captain Sinister. 

Morgan Roberts, Captain Sinister, doesnít think of himself as a pirate. Instead, he considers himself a self-respecting privateer who offers assistance to wrecked ships.  In order to make a living, him and his crew take everything not bolted down off the derelict ships without killing the helpless, in-need crewmen of the drowning ship.  Morgan just makes them row to shore in a boat with nothing other than their lives intact.  During his latest rescue, Morgan gained more than he bargained for upon meeting the lovely Amanda Stephenson.  Morgan quickly becomes captivated by her alluring beauty and robust spirit.  He is determined to win her over and to convince her into becoming his wife; however, Morgan doesnít know how to go about romancing a lady, in the past he has only dealt with one-night-only, pay-me types of women.

Captain Sinisterís Lady is a great historical novel of unexpected romance between two strong-willed characters.  The plot was set in the 1820ís during the time where pirates were the norm out on the seas.  Hats off to Darlene Marshall for giving such beautifully written, detailed information of the Florida Straits and coastline during this historical time period.  As the storyline progressed I felt as if I was really there witnessing the courtship of Amanda and Morgan.  And boy, what an adventure it was. Captain Sinisterís Lady is filled with a few dangerous twists and turns that maintained my interest until the spectacular conclusion.  If you are looking for a rich and spicy historical romance that will tie you up in knots, then pick up Captain Sinisterís Lady Ė you will not be disappointed!


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