California Cowboy by Maggie Casper
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN 1-59998-205-6
Reviewed by Nannette



Chance Bodine hired Bobbie Carlington to work as a housekeeper/cook at the Lazy B ranch.  Bobbie is not very good at her job though.  When Chance’s brother, Clay, discovers Bobbie’s lack of talent around the house he gets angry, but his attraction to her luscious body is undeniable.

Bobbie knows she isn’t a good cook but she needs the job until she can make it on her own.  Clay is domineering, yet Bobbie is falling for hard for him.

Clay and Bobbie make things work just fine in the bedroom, but Bobbie wants a man that won’t dominate her life.  Can Clay give Bobbie what she needs, or will his high-handed ways push her away?

Clay Bodine is a hard man to get along with, but Bobbie knows just how to tame him.  She only puts up with his dominance in the bedroom!  Although, I felt Clay seemed harsh at times, the relationship between them really works. I liked California Cowboy for its hot and tender romance.  


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