Bound by Desire by Missy Lyons
Erotic Contemporary BDSM
ISBN: 1-59426-744-8
Reviewed by Erys



Denise Walden didn’t get through the FBI Academy with high honors by being meek and mild.  Her dominant personality leaves her with not much of a selection of men.  They all expect her to dominate and take control in the bedroom…what if she secretly craves something else?

Victor often throws parties where single doms and subs can meet and hook up with each other.  When a mystery woman arrives at his latest party and insists on remaining anonymous, he quickly agrees.  After all, she arouses him in a fiercely primitive way, and he wants her any way he can get her.

Bound by Desire is a steamy BDSM romance.  The story contains bondage and spanking, but nothing extreme.  What I really enjoyed about Missy Lyons’ story is that the heroine has a very dominating personality, but wanted to be the complete opposite in the bedroom.  I admit I didn’t like Denise at first.  I thought she was too full of herself, but once the story focused more on her personal relationships, instead of the working ones, I found my opinion of her changing.  Over all, I found Bound by Desire to be an entertaining story.


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