Blood Will Tell by December Quinn
Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Vampire
ISBN: 9781419911965
Reviewed by Gracie



Cecelia Barnes knew she should have had her assistant wait to leave with her when she heads to her car and is attacked by a group of vampires…yes, vampires.  Cecelia is a scientist who is working on a vaccine to eliminate blood diseases.

Julian Mansfield sees his opportunity to find a way into Cecelia’s life when he saves her from Valentin’s men.  He knows why the vampires wanted Cecelia since he wants her research as much as they do.

Cecelia is a bit shocked when she wakes up in a strange but very sexy man’s bedroom.  Julian knows that he has to find out more about Cecelia and exactly who she is working for.  Julian cannot afford to put himself and his family at risk even if he feels undeniably attracted to her.  While Cecelia and Julian’s relationship heats up things are spiraling out of control around them.  Will Cecelia and Julian find a future together after all their secrets are revealed?

Blood Will Tell is a story that has a little bit of everything: vampires, a love story, betrayal, and action.  Cecelia enjoys her work and she hopes to help people with her research.  Julian has been around for several centuries and he has never felt quite this way about anyone.  Blood Will Tell started a bit slow, but it built into a great read.  I enjoyed watching Cecelia and Julian build a relationship and then have to fight to save not just themselves but their family.  December Quinn writes great characters that pull you in and won’t let you go.  Blood Will Tell is definitely worth reading!!


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