Becoming by L.E. Bryce
ISBN: 1-59426-929-7
Reviewed by Rosemary



A young man jumps in the sea to end his life; he could no longer endure the humiliation he has caused his family.  But instead of death, he was claimed by the Lady of the Waters to be one of her sacred consorts, his hair turned white as a sign for all to see he was chosen by her.  With no memory of his name and past, another young man Olenwe, named him Ninion.  Olenwe is attracted to Ninion, but can see the fear instilled in him, so rather than seduce him as he wishes, Olenwe becomes Ninionís mentor in hopes that one day Ninion can accept his love.

Becoming is an account of a young man coming to terms with his sexual preference.  L.E. Bryceís rendition lacks the development of the characters and clarification of the creatures to keep me fully involved.  This story had the potential to be ingenious, if additional attention to details had been applied.


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