Angel Heart by Sharon Maria Bidwell
Sequel to Snow Angel
Loose Id
LGBT Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-535-7
Reviewed by Cassie



Dean and Jay have been together for nearly a year.  While Dean and Jay’s parents are accepting, many others aren’t.  Jay’s sister, April, is especially vocal in her dislike for Dean.  They have to attend an anniversary party after being apart for two weeks, and dealing with April’s increasing anger isn’t exactly what Dean wants to do.  Still, he’s determined to prove to everyone—including himself—that he deserves Jay, no matter what it takes…

Angel Heart is definitely a worthy sequel to Snow Angel.  In Snow Angel, I was often frustrated by Dean’s attitude and actions, but this book helps explain a bit of Dean’s behavior.  In this book, Sharon Maria Bidwell shows Dean’s more caring, sensitive side as well as Jay’s more assertive side.  Both men have changed, and both are willing to work through whatever issues may arise in order to stay together.  I liked the honesty between Jay and Dean, as well as the realism of the story.  While there isn’t a ton of action in this book, there is a lot of inner conflict, especially for Dean.  Ms. Bidwell’s realism and characterization really drew me in, making the simple storyline very engaging.  If you liked Snow Angel and want to know what happened with Jay and Dean, pick up Angel Heart. 


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