Angel City by Barbara Sheridan
Linden Bay Romance
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-905393-27-X
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Carol Bakker was trying to keep her head above water.  In order to keep her daycare prices as low as possible for the parents in her neighborhood, Carol took another job as a waitress at a local strip club called Angel City to support her personal living cost.  One night, her best friend who was gravely ill asked Carol to take her place as a dancer for a very important private bachelor party.  Carolís first instinct was to scream ďHell NoĒ. But, to keep from feeling guilty about not aiding her best friend in her time of need Carol agrees to dance the show.

Tycoon R.J. Mansfield canít believe heís sitting in a strip club. However, as best man, heís obligated to be at the bachelor party to support his friend.  Counting down the minutes until itís time to go; R.J. is flabbergasted by the beauty of the dancer who walks out on stage to perform for them.  Unable to forget her; R.J. jumps at the opportunity a few days later by enrolling his daughter in Carolís daycare center, hoping they would get a chance to know each other better. 

A whirlwind of a courtship begins between Carol and R.J. before major havoc develops between the couple. Will this break them apart?

Angel City is a wonderful contemporary type of Cinderella story with a few twists and turns thrown into the mix to give it a refreshing, dramatic flair.  Just like Cinderella, Carol was swept off her feet by a devilish, handsome prince and there were a few malicious people trying to draw a wedge between them.  In addition to the unwanted duress from the outside, Carol and R.J. also dealt with internal issues that put a major stain on their already fragile relationship.  Nevertheless, I thought that Carol and R.J. were the ideal match for one another.  Both were very head-strong, independent, and less-than perfect from the opposite sides of the track who were determined to overcome any obstacles that were thrown in their paths.  Angel City was an enjoyable read with a somewhat surprising, unexpected ending that made me pause for a moment.  If you are a lover of happily-ever-after romance with a twist, then Angel City is the book for you.


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