All the King’s Men by Lacey Savage
Torrid Tarot
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419911927
Reviewed by Rosemary



The royal seer has received a message from the tarot cards or The Tradition, as the inhabitants of the planet Aris know it.  She is told in a dream, the items to be positioned on the table for the ritual. King Shivar has been without a mate for twelve years, and without an heir, the royal line ends with him.  The ritual revealed that Nelina Lannen has been chosen for the new queen. 

Guardian to Shivar, Kirel Turion is torn between desire and duty when he, along with Thor and Domenic are ordered to bring in Nelina and train her for the Trials.  Eight years prior, Kirel was torn from Nelina’s arms and told she was dead.  Kirel was past due to begin his duties to the king.  Only the firstborn sons of the King’s Councilmen could be Guardian, their service lasting twenty years before they are free to pursue their own desires.  Now Kirel must tutor the woman he loves and who loves him, in sexual pleasure to mate with the king. 

All the King’s Men is a love fest for everyone’s viewing pleasure.  Lacey Savage is very creative with the steamy love scenes, and the storyline is very interesting.  Nelina exhibits that she not only has the stamina, but can also accommodate all three men.  This is a very sexy story that I enjoyed. 


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