All or Nothing by Barbara Sheridan
Linden Bay Romance
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-905393-30-X
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Roberta “Bobbie” Richardson was down on her luck with her auto repair shop after her two-timing, scheming, ex-husband left her in a massive debt.  To further complicate Bobbie’s hectic life, Justin Hastings, her old flame from high school, has just walked into her garage seeking a huge favor from her.  After many years of not having seen one another much less spoken to each other, Justin wants Bobbie to marry him!  Justin needs Bobbie as his wife to increase his chances of gaining custody of his motherless, teenage daughter from her evil, wealthy grandmother.  Justin in turn will assist Bobbie in getting her repair shop back on a good financial track.  Will Bobbie agree to Justin’s marriage of convenience plan knowing she still has deep desires for him and not sure of his feelings for her?

All or Nothing was a delightful, romantic read.  The only fault that I found with this story was the constant switching between the heroine’s names.  For the first half of the book the author only called her Bobbie; but, halfway though the storyline there was a constant flip flop between Bobbie and Roberta, which I found to be a tad bit irritating.  But, hey, that is one of my pet peeves.  Otherwise, All or Nothing was great and the plot flowed at a wonderful pace with a mixture of romance, pain, joyfulness and distrust.  Although both Bobbie and Justin had very stubborn personalities, the couple was very well matched for each other.  The chemistry that sparked between them was amorous and loving.  All or Nothing proved to be a very good, sensual read.


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