A Sistah for Mark by Kendra Mei Chailyn
Red Rose Publishing
MC/IR- Contemporary / Romantic Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-60435-003-2
Reviewed by Nellie



Marika was mad for being looked over for a position as the Prime Ministerís Security just because of her gender, and now she is being reduced to play tour guide to a Canadian businessman. Gathering all the information she could on all the hot spots, she gets a surprise, expecting a brotha she got a brother. As if things couldnít get any worse she starts having fainting spells for the first time in her life but that does not mask the attraction she feels for Mark.

Expecting nothing but rest, Mark did not expect to fall head over hills for his host on his vacation. From her mahogany skin to lush curves, he was hooked and he was seriously thinking of setting roots in the Island before his vacation was over.

A Sistah for Mark was very unconvincing. It was more like a tourist got infatuated with a native on his vacation and had a wild fling, but did not scream romance of the century. Marikaís character to me did not convey a person who would be able to guard the Prime Minister (a job she was passed over for).  From her fainting spells to poor knack for details, she does not inspire 007 characteristics. The story gave a lot of detail in the beginning; which, I liked but as the story went on it became choppy and lacked detail. Though a miss hit for me, I still love this author.


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