A Marked Man by Kira Stone
Vampire Magic, Book 3
Changeling Press
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59596-634-6
Reviewed by Lisa



He was a vampire, but now Sebastian is a witch who shares a soul with another witch.  Itís a lot to get used to, eating food instead of blood, sleeping at night, and sunlight for Goddess sake!  Talk about a learning curve!

A Green Witch with his own emotional baggage, Teake now shares a soul with an ex-vampire.  Teake is teaching Sebastian how to be human again and the two are falling deeply in love with each other.

Sebastian and Teake journey back to Taggertís Bend with both of them holding their secrets close.  Life altering changes and decisions will be made before Valentineís Day comes to a close.

A Marked Man is the third book in the Vampire Magic series, and is definitely not a stand alone story.  If I hadnít read the first story previously, which I enjoyed, I wouldnít have had a clue what was going on.  Passion leaps off the pages between Sebastian and Teake, and I loved reading every line!  The writing style is first rate, the love story between the two men is yummy and fun to read, but you need to read these in order to make it worth your while.


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