Wild Card by Lora Leigh

Elite Ops, Book 1

St. Martinís

Contemporary Military

ISBN: 0312945795

Reviewed by Tanya



Wild Card picks up with the rescue of Navy SEAL Nathan Malone.  The problem is that Nathan has been tortured and drugged so long will he ever completely recover?  Nathan is convinced that he no longer exists as the man as many once knew and loved so he assumes and new identity and has them notify his wife that he has died.  But, the one thing he has never forgotten is his vows to Bella and his love for her.  So while he is a new, harder man, Noah will have a hard time with his latest assignment.  Now Bella is directly in the path of a terrorist organization (the Black Collar Militia) and Noah will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Bella has mourned Nathan for three long years, and then she decided to do everything she could to save their home and business.  She struggles with dating, as she still feels connected to Nathan, even though she never let him see the real inside of her.  But now the mysterious Noah is stirring up all those feelings, and leaving her unsettled in her life and thoughts.

Will Noah and Bella allow their fiery passion for each other to fulfill its destiny or will the Militia kill them all first?

Let me start by saying wow, wow, wow, as that is all I could think of when finishing Wild Card.  I have to admit I think I cried for the first 50 pages of the story.  Ms. Leigh goes down a darker path in Wild Card than she has in many of her other books; she deals with the aftermath of torture and almost hopelessness.


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