Wicked Beast by Tawny Taylor


Erotic Paranormal

ISBN: 978-0758226785

Reviewed by Shayna



There are few things author Cailey Holm likes less than cats.  When her critique partner talks the feline-phobic Cailey into creating a were-lion hero as a way to overcome her fears, Cailey’s skeptical, but goes along with the idea.  Then her creation, Lander Cornelius, King of the Werekin, not only shows up in her home, but also kidnaps Cailey and takes her to his world.  Thrust into a situation over which she has no control, Cailey is both aroused and fearful of her sensual captor.  Lander swears he won’t harm her that he only wishes to harness her powers to protect his people.  Can Cailey risk being swept into an unwritten tale where danger lurks in unexpected places?  Or will she submit to the erotic temptation Lander presents for a chance at the kind of love she’s only written about?

It’s a tempting fantasy, being swept away by the hero of a novel.  Tawny Taylor takes this dream and gives it her own original twist in Wicked Beast.  I loved the idea of an author being taken into a world she’s only begun to form.  It enabled me to possess a certain amount of knowledge to become familiar with Lander and his world, while still leaving plenty of room for discovery and surprise.

I sincerely liked Cailey and Lander.  Each had room for growth when the book began and Ms. Taylor wove their character development in beautifully.  As a couple, the two generated enough heat to start a fire, fitting for a heroine who pens erotic romance, I think.  The only thing I would wish for is a more developed resolution to the tale.  The ending felt somewhat rushed and I was left with a few questions.  Still, I enjoyed Wicked Beast and hope Ms. Taylor writes stories for Cailey’s critique partners, Mia and Lisa.



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