Unbreakable by Sydney Somers

Shadow Destroyers, Book 1


Erotic Paranormal

ISBN 1-59998-781-3

Reviewed by Nannette



Police officers Jordan McAdam and Gage Campbell are partners and lovers. If they’re not arguing, they’re making love. On their way home from the precinct one night, Gage and Jordan hear a scream. The villain they encounter is clearly not human.  Before it flees, it attacks, leaving Gage fatally injured and Jordan hurt. Jordan vows to find and destroy the demon that took Gage from her.

Five years later, Jordan is still devastated without Gage. She now fights Shadow Demons using the powers she was given that fateful night.

Gage is a Shadow Destroyer and when he sees Jordan again, it is while killing a demon. Jordan and Gage are shocked to see each other.  Their desire has not waned, but forgiveness does not come easy to Jordan. They pair up to stop the demons, but as they battle against them, they continue to battle their feelings as well.

Unbreakable is an exciting and sensual story filled with scary demons, hot sex, and a cast of intriguing characters that kept me glued to the pages.  Gage is incredibly hot and Jordan is tough and sexy. This fascinating story is action- packed and emotional. With Unbreakable as a beginning, The Shadow Destroyers should be an amazing series!


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