Tyler by Linda Lael Miller

Montana Creeds, Book 3


Sensual Contemporary

ISBN: 978-0-373-77364-0

Reviewed by Nannette



Tyler Creed has some unfinished business to settle with his brothers Logan and Dylan, so heís come home to Still Water Springs, Montana, to figure things out. When Tyler sees Lily Kenyon again, he realizes he has unfinished business with her, too. Lily shouldnít be surprised that seeing Tyler again makes her heart beat triple time, but it does. He took her heart with him when he left town all those years ago and not even marriage to another man could make her forget him. Lily is back in Still Water Springs with her young daughter Tess, helping her father recuperate from a heart attack.  She knows sheís bound to run into Tyler now and again, but she wasnít expecting him to come calling for her. The heat that was always simmering between them hasnít changed a bit in all these years. They spend more time with their mouths on each other than talking. That doesnít mean that Tyler is ready to settle down, though. Coming home isnít easy on either of them. Tylerís past is coming back to haunt him and Lilyís got troubles of her own.  The one place things always seem to feel right is in each otherís arms, but will the past threaten a future together?

Tyler Creed, youngest of the Creed brothers and the one with the biggest chip on his shoulder, is also the sexiest and the most endearing. Tyler and his brothers had a rough start with a drunk for a father and a mother who didnít do much to stop him when his fists started flying. They became three of the best men you could meet, though. When Tyler makes up his mind to do something, he does it. So when he sets his sights on Lily and settling down in Still Water Springs, he goes all in. Lily wears her heart on her sleeve when it comes to Tyler. From the moment they see each other again, you can feel the tension and chemistry between them. They are perfect together. Tyler is one of those stories that from start to finish, just flows effortlessly across the pages. Itís as if Lind Lael Miller sat down and Tyler told her his story.  The chemistry between Lily and Tyler is incredible and although the sex is HOT, and there is plenty of it, itís more than that. Theyíve got a connection that goes beyond physical.  I enjoyed all three books in the Montana Creeds series, but Tyler is my favorite.


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