True Blue Love by Melissa Lopez

The Thorns, Book 3

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN 978-1-60504-275-6

Reviewed by Nannette



Kaycee Hollenbeck’s abusive marriage is over. She’s flying to Australia to start over. Miller Thorn is on his way home and although he notices the beautiful Yank sitting next to him, he doesn’t pay her much attention. Kaycee makes it very clear what she wants from Miller and it’s exactly what he wants too - no strings hot sex. All too soon, strings are getting pulled when Miller and Kaycee end up spending more time together than they intended. Kaycee thinks she might have gotten more than she bargained for with Miller, but when her past comes back to haunt her, her happiness and her life may be threatened.

Talk about instant chemistry! Miller and Kaycee have that certain something that makes every moment magical. The sex is hot, tender, and explosive. Miller is a tough guy. He doesn’t sugar coat things and he’s not flowery or even romantic most of the time. He’s all alpha male and incredibly sexy. Kaycee is a lady in public and a siren in bed. She’s the perfect match for Miller. After reading the first two Thorns novels, I was thrilled to see Miller finally get his happily ever after in True Blue Love.


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