Torrid by Morgan Hawke


Erotic M/M Contemporary

ISBN 1-55410-655-9

Reviewed by Nannette



When Kenshin and Trey meet in an adult novelty store, the sparks really fly. Trey is willing to flirt with Kenshin, but itís just a game for him. Heís not gay. When they get up close and personal at the bachelor party where Trey is stripping, Trey starts to wonder if maybe he does like guys after all. Kenshin is determined to show Trey that he does like guys and that heís the perfect guy for him.

Torrid is the story of two men who decide they like guys as much as they like girls. Trey is a nice enough guy. His submissiveness with Kenshin is fun, but he comes across as a little wimpy, and Kenshinís dominance comes across as bullying rather than sexy. While all in all Torrid is a decent story and Trey and Kenshin find love, itís very story like -- faced paced and a little unrealistic. Iím not sure I like where the story is going, assuming there is more to come as well.


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