Thunderfire by Lynne Connolly

Pure Wildfire, Book 4

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419920219

Reviewed by Jo



Ashley Westfall is part of a two person group with one of her sisters, but she has a secret.  Ashley doesn’t want to be a musician anymore.  Ashley wants to have a normal life and to give up several things including a very unusual love life—if you can call it that.  However, there is one person that Ashley would like to keep in her life—Chris Keys.  The question is, can Ashley give up her current lifestyle, yet keep her sister happy and still have Chris in her life?

Chris Keys is the drummer for Pure Wildfire.  His life is playing with the band, hot sex and lots of living large.  For Chris, Ashley has been a content bed partner when he wanted her until the night Chris learns that Ashley is much more than Corrine’s little sister and a mediocre musician.

Chris decides to help Ashley find the life she really wants and is surprised when so much of it meshes with his life out of the spotlight.  Chris has to be careful though, because he is a firebird shape shifter like the rest of his bandmates and Ashley has no knowledge of that world.  Ashley and Chris are thrust into danger by her power hungry father and a secret society who wants all shape shifters to die out.  Danger and the need to protect leads Pure Wildfire to make a decision that will have them sacrificing everything unless Ashley can find a way to stop it and still keep all the secrets safe.

Totally rocking! describes Thunderfire.  Chris and Ashley have known each other for a while now but as they find out, having hot sex doesn’t really let you know a person.  Things come to a head as drugs make an appearance and suddenly, Chris realizes he really doesn’t know much about the non-spotlight Ashley.  As they start to really learn about each other, a true passion and love develops. I was extremely happy to watch as they grew together and Ashley was slowly accepted by the other band members for who she really was, rather than what they thought she was.  The final battle was spectacular and I held my breath on how I thought it would end.  However, I soon discovered that Ashley had more depth to her and a firm belief in right and wrong.  I loved how it all finally ended.  Thunderfire puts an ending on the Pure Wildfire band, but it is one I would not have missed for anything.  You won’t want to either.

All four books in this series can be read as stand alones, but I believe you will want to make sure you have the entire band in your library.  They really do rock in more ways than one.


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