Three Wishes by Seressia Glass
Genesis Press
Interracial, Contemporary
ISBN: 9781585710928
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Meet Taylor Whitfield: All eight year old Taylor wanted was a mommy to call her own and she was determined to find one.

Meet Maya Hughes: For as long as she could remember, Maya had always wished to have a child to love and to cherish; however, Maya knew that could never be.

Meet Nick Whitfield: As a surgeon and a single father of a very active eight year old daughter, Nick didnít have much time for a social life.  But that still didnít stop him for wishing for a special woman who could be a mother to his precious daughter.

These three people where brought together when Taylor was left home alone after the nanny was hurt in an accident.  Maya, the next door neighbor, coaxed Taylor into her home out of the rain to wait for Nick to get home from the hospital.  From that moment forth, a loving relationship developed between the three and it seemed that each personís wish was on its way to becoming a reality.  But, the issues of race and secrets from the past could put a wedge between their newly found happiness.

Seressia Glass has written a wonderful story with Three Wishes.  This delightful story kept me captivated until the end.  Although, the plot stemmed from stories that many have seen before, Ms Glass has added enough spice and drama to keep things very intriguing.  Not only did Maya and Nick face demons from their past marriages, they also had to deal with prejudices that came along with racial dating - some narrow-mindedness from afar while others came from very close to home.  Yet, through it all loved conquered all.  The chemistry between Nick and Maya was mega hot and passionately sweet.  I found Three Wishes to be a charming story that I took great pleasure in reading.


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