Threads of Destiny by N.J. Walters

Tapestries, Book 4

Elloraís Cave/Jasmine Jade

Voyager /Time Travel

ISBN: 9781419919107

Reviewed by Vivian



Marc has always understood the rules of his world.  Since the women are so scarce, brothers must share a woman between them.  But since Marc has been involved with his brotherís wife, heís longed to have a woman of his own.   When the magical tapestry returns and suddenly heís thrust into a foreign and violent world, Marc finds himself with the woman of his dreams.  But she comes with two other men who are trying to escape that world as well.  Can the three of them overcome the laws of Javara and be together?  Marc has three days to convince her to stay.  But will the legend of the tapestry allow her to be with Marc?  Or will Kathryn have to pick a new mate?

Threads of Destiny is the fourth in the Tapestry seriesI know Ms. Walters was asked (more likely she was hounded) by her readers for Marcís story, and boy, did she deliver.   When the tapestry shows up in Marcís room, Christina thinks itís for her, but Marc realizes that itís there for him.  He uses the tapestry to save Kathryn and the two soldiers who were being attacked in their own world.  Ms. Walters does a fantastic job of portraying Marcís story.  Heís fond of Christina, but he knows that she belongs to his brother.  Heís dreamt of Kathryn and when the tapestry takes him to her, he doesnít waste any time in brining her back to his world.  Threads of Destiny is a great ending chapter to this series, but I sincerely hope that Ms. Walters will continue these.  She has a great start on a new set of adventures for this series. If you havenít read the whole series, you must.  They are truly wonderful and will make you crave more.


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