The Wolf by Mechele Armstrong

Settler’s Mine book 4

Loose Id

SciFi Shape shifter Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-855-6

Reviewed by Willow



Clyde doesn’t need the heartstones mined on Settler’s mine. When he finds his mate it will be obvious to them both. But in the meantime he needs a whore and he needs one now. Clyde is a Wolfton and he is in heat. Any female will do but only a Wolfton female can withstand the mating.

Angelica has felt like a whore for a long time now. She is a Beta female with Alpha tendencies and she just hasn’t really fit into her pack. None of the males are enough for her. They are too soft in the bedroom. And she wants someone who can really give her what she wants.

Enter Clyde. He’s Alpha, he’s Wolfton, he’s big and he is very much the man Angelica needs. Even in heat Clyde is drawn to Angelica. She is the perfect bedmate. Good thing too cause gee….she’s his mate! There is no mistaking that fact even if they wanted to. Now his past has come to interrupt their time together. Will he become the Alpha his pack needs or will he take his mate and run?

I love this series. The Wolf just keeps in step with finding the kind of love that when all is said and done sticks; no doubts, no mistakes. Angelica is the most beautiful thing Clyde has ever seen. That fact alone makes him want to howl. Angelica, pretending to be a whore, is overwhelmed by the fact that finally here  is a man dominant enough for her. It makes her want to wag her tail. The giddiness that they both feel comes through loud and clear. If you are a fan of the Settler’s Mine series, you won’t be disappointed. If you haven’t read any of the series, you won’t be disappointed AND you’ll be hooked.


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