The View from Santaís Sleigh by Lynn Crain

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ISBN: 978-1-55410-028-6

Reviewed by Patrice F.



The holiday is always the worst time to get your feelings hurt.  Tessa decides to spend the evening making Christmas cookies and drinking margaritas as the quickest remedy.  The cookies might not have turned out well but the evening is salvaged when Santa drops by to console Tessa and offer some friendly advice.  Tessa dozes off in a drunken slump sure that sheís imagined the entire episode.  When she finally wakes up, itís next dazzling hunk, Jedrick. 

Itís hard to believe that Jedrickís an elf (heís well over six feet tall) and harder to swallow the fact that sheís at the North Pole.  A visit to Santaís workshop, sleigh rides, and blazing nights beneath the covers with Jedrick all convince her that this is not a dream.  Tessa is forced to make a choice about her future with Jedrick.  Elves mate for life.   It wonít be easy leaving behind her past life and dearest friend to start a new one so far away.

The View from Santaís Sleigh is a sexy, magical holiday fantasy thatís sweet without the irritating stickiness.  Thereís humor and an overall easy-going vibration.  Tessa and Jedrick instantly connect with loving sincerity that made me smile.  Santa and The Mrs., Jedrickís family and elven colleagues add to all the fun and warm fuzzy feelings.  I got swept into the plot and the activities until it made me feel as if I was there.  The creative elven rituals and facts add polish and originality to the plot. 

It seems I canít seem get enough of holiday stories filled with elves and magic.  Tales like The View from Santaís Sleigh keep the spirit alive all year.  Thatís the best part about reading them. 


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