The Surrender of Persephone by Selena Kitt


Paranormal, BDSM, F/F/F, HFN

ISBN: 978-1-59426-674-4

Reviewed by Patrice F.



The Goddess of Spring, Persephone, feels like a child under the shadow of Demeter, her over protective mother.   She longs to experience new wonders but is limited to consorting with virgin goddesses Athena and Artemis.  Although she enjoys spending time with her friends, Sephie is drawn to the opposite sex.  Her curiosity is satiated when Hades, called Aidon, God of the Underworld, appears.  Before she can think, he snatches her up and takes her to his underground home.  Itís there that Persephone discovers that she is a submissive, and comes to relish Aidonís dominance, and her role as his wife and Queen of the Underworld. 

Will she choose to remain by his side?  And if so, how will she ever face her mother again after submitting her mind, body and soul to Aidon?

The retelling of The Rape of Persephone is a decadently erotic story of dominance and submission.  Various gods, goddesses and players from the Hesiod and Greek/Roman legend and lore drop in to The Surrender of Persephone to recall various stories revolving around the underworld and its rulers.  Each encounter between Persephone and Aidon is lavishly lurid.  Their exploits explode throughout the realm of the dead.  This dark place becomes Sephieís new playground and itís interesting to watch her blossom into womanhood under Aidonís dark mastery as she accepts her role as his wife and equal.  Be warned.  The sexual escapades are explicitly intense, equipped with instruments and acts to test your knowledge and comfort zone.  I was thankful this pair falls deeply in love. 

Alas, my only issue is a reoccurring one.  Although these are gods and goddesses, they display human traits which seem to overshadow their supernatural posture.  Maybe itís a device used to connect Sephie and Aidon to the audience but itís never worked on me.  Whereís the fun in reading about immortals when theyíre too much like people?  Reaching the end, I still had to concede that Selena Kitt does an excellent job of fine tuning an old story with vigor, humor, intelligence and passion.


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