The Special Gift by Barbara Elsborg

Ravenous Romance

Contemporary, Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60777-149-4

Reviewed by Patrice F.



What could be worse than wearing an ugly orange bridesmaid dress while your friend marries your ex-boyfriend?  Getting a GI Joe dressed in shorts from the bride while the other bridesmaids receive jewelry!  It’s no mistake because the doll is wearing the exact same thing Kate’s ex was wearing the day they met! Kate is so upset that she throws the doll into the closet once she’s makes it home.  Moments later, there’s loud knocking coming from the closet.  What she finds is a good-looking guy in shorts who looks exactly like the doll!  What should she do?

Ok, so I was taken in by the synopsis and an e-publisher that I hadn’t encountered yet.  The good news is I wasn’t disappointed! Fun, frisky and darling - yes, darling.  The Special Gift gets top points for being as fresh as an ocean breeze on an island filled with hot, sleek men in shorts. 

What can I say? Kate and Joe’s simmering tryst was inspiring.  After enduring such a hellish day in the name of a one-sided friendship, I was cheering “Hurrah!” for every sweaty and sizzling moment that took this adorable pair to the gates of bliss.  Sometimes the best stories are the sweetest (although the sex was blistering!) and this one has earned a top spot in the candy shop.  Oh, yeah.

This title was originally published in the Men in Shorts anthology.


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