The Real Mother Goose by Selena Kitt


Fantasy, Light BDSM, F/F

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Mother Goose spends her days visiting friends such as Mary Quite Contrary and the Queen of Hearts, in between training her charges in the ways pleasure.  Itís the best way to stay occupied and keep her worries at bay ever since Father Goose left her side.  Time has passed; there has been no word from him.  Mother is starting to worry.   Who will comfort and keep her safe with the strong, loving hand of mastery and dominance? 

Selena Kitt puts an amazingly unique and hot twist on the key players from the well-known nursery rhymes.   Many of the scenes definitely made me pause in admiration at her ingenuity.  I refuse to spoil it for anyone interested in reading this book by going into more detail.  The author worked too hard to offer a salacious spread of inventive sex and characters.  There is no way I will reveal the erotic goodies and wildly titillating scenes she has so painstakingly transcribed in this raunchy, racy fantasy.  There are a couple of plot twists and turns that will leave you with your mouth hanging wide open in surprise.  Voracious reader that I am, I certainly didnít anticipate one shocker in particular and Iím the first to admit it was refreshingly creative.  Batten down the hatches because The Real Mother Goose runs riot and I guarantee youíll be swept away on a tempest of passion!  The inspiration might be from nursery rhymes but itís certainly not for anyone under age 18.   There are loads of familiar faces from all the various rhymes in a variety of X-rated scenarios that will astonish and delight you. 


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